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Internet users are increasing at breakneck speed. But we are more
interested in is the Statistics of Social Media Usage.

What exacty our role is in promoting your business. Promoting your  business

online is a strategic work and we generally perform it in following cyclic sequence:-


Listen the intent of Potential audience by looking into market trends, industrial activity, deriving insights from social media posts, images, blogs, comments, search trends, customer bios, and organic searches like what exactly did by famous brands like Paytm Karo, Kissanpur, Samsung, Maruti etc.

Goal Setting

Goal could be anything ranging from Brand awareness to building brands, winning Market confidence to actual progress, conversion to Lead generation and many a times mixture of more than one or sometimes Customized goals depending upon business to business.


based on insights derived above, industrial competition, competitor’s strategies, and our own business perspective, strategy is framed for Content, Targeting and Platform.



Execution of strategies is achieved here by us through the team of experts specifically specialized in Execution as per the designed strategies


Measuring involves a lot of metrics depending upon the goal set for the business. But general things which it includes involves measurement of Conversion Rate, Amplification Rate, Applause Rate, engagement Rate, Lead Rate, economic value and revenue analysis etc.


No business can sustain for long without making efforts to improve. We generally follow three aspects in this step. Firstly, if goals are not achieved, then finding corrective measures and taking necessary steps to make both ends meet. Secondly, if achieved then setting higher standards for future and gaining bigger share of market this time. Thirdly, what else should be done based on A/B testing and looking for alternative opportunities which could have been missed.

Important Social Media Platforms



Most of big or small both businesses consider Facebook as the integral part of their Digital Marketing Plan.

What type of Services do we provide under Facebook Marketing:-

  • Facebook fan Engagement
  • Organic Marketing
  • Inorganic Marketing
  • Facebook sales funnel on customer acquisition and behavior

How you can use facebook for your business?

Out of the endless ways of using facebook for your business, the most common are written below:-

  • Building Brand and Brand Awareness
  • Increasing Conversions
  • Lead Generation
  • Promoting Your content like songs, Short Movies etc.
  • Bringing Traffic to your website.



After youtube, it is the most used social media platform with more than 700 Million users, out of which 400 million daily users. You can use Instagram for Creating awareness of your brand, building a community, increasing brand loyalty, showcasing the company’s culture, values, products and services.

Success on Instagram depends upon the correct goal and well designed content Strategy.



Often ignored platform but yes could easily be used at very cheap rate to build brand and generate awareness related to your product, business culture, values and then to increase the visibility of your brand and company. People who are using facebook and Instagram , also uses snapchat. Therefore a wise business man should try to reach at all platforms, and should use all platform differently as audience on snapchat have different behavior than the audience on facebook. But both are audience.

Internet users are increasing at breakneck speed. But we are more interested in is the Statistics of Social Media Usage.

  • Out of 4.78 Billion Internet users, 3.78 billion people uses Social Media Platforms.
  • An Average User Spend 2 hours and 25 minutes daily on social media.
  • Recommendation Rate by the Brand Loyal Customers is 71%
  • Influencers increases sale by 49%

3.78 Billion Social Media Users



2.5 hours average usage time



71% Brand Loyal Customers


49% Influencer Rate


You need not to spend lacs on Banners and other marketing stuff for just gaining a glance of People. Just spend as per budget and gain visibility of only potential audience who are really interested into your product.

Social Media is really an important part of your customer’s life, Give some space to your business in your Potential Customer’s life and win their Confidence in your brand.

Once you win confidence of 100 customers only, they can help you win the confidence of 71 more new potential customers now.

It is your time to become influencer or take help from them to enhance your revenue.

The above data is just a tip of the iceberg. Depending upon the nature your business, data of your potential audience will be more different, and decoding the same into business opportunities is a kind of professional and specialized work in itself. Therefore here we are to help you in doing the same.

Now finding best data related to your business, decoding the same and finally getting results from it, is our work.  


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