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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a Practice and Profession
of optimizing websites for search engines. SEO increases the rank of your
website on various search engines like Google, Yandex, yahoo, Bing etc.

How to decide the suitable Package

of SEO for your Websites

When you hire SEO services, the service in itself comes in various packages. Deciding the right package for your business is a crucial task.

Generally there are a lot of SEO Packages in market depending upon the customer needs and nature of website. Based on industry, few types of SEO could be :-   

E-commerce SEO

SEO for E-commerce website with the aim of increasing sale

Marketplace SEO

SEO for a marketplace website with the ultimate aim of increasing visibility


SEO for websites providing e-learning services with the ultimate aim of course selling

Job portal SEO

SEO for Job portal websites like with the ultimate aim of lead generation & corporate visibility

Business SEO

SEO for other business websites with the aim of increasing rank on business specific keywords

seo company in ludhiana

How SEO Can

Help Your Business ?

With the rising number of internet users, busy life and less time people prefer to fulfill their requirement online nowadays. They come on search engines to explore the wide variety of products available for them. They use Search Engines like Google to look for the businesses. Now SEO Can assist your website to rank on top of SERP whenever the keywords of your business are searched for.

Therefore the ultimate use of SEO is to assist businesses by bringing their websites to the Top of Search Results.

It not only increases Traffic to your website and visibility but also SEO brings more loyal and serious customers to your website with high potential of buying. As People themselves search for results and comes to your website and shows interest from their side.

What is the Role of

an SEO Agency in it ?

Doing SEO is a very technical and Patience keeping task. It has become a kind of profession in itself. No individual without sufficient practical experience can guarantee rank on SERP. As SEO contains a lot of tasks needs to be performed regularly to see Good results. Here the need of Expert Team arises.

Therefore a SEO Agency undertakes the responsibility to perform all the required tasks by dividing the whole work in small tasks. Each task is divided among the team according to their specialization and co-ordinate accordingly.

seo company in ludhiana

Further SEO Packages can again be classified as per the

the scale of your business and location which are targeting :-

Local SEO

₹ 25.15/Month

 Local SEO includes targeting a particular city. This is best package for businesses like a restaurant, coaching Institutes which have their limit to serve the customers not beyond the territorial limit of a city.

International SEO

₹ 25.15/Month

If you target the customers and markets of more than one country then “International SEO” Package is best suitable for you. It allows you to get rank not only in your home country but also in other countries.

General SEO

₹ 25.15/Month

Getting rank throughout one country only is a general SEO. You get rank various business specific phrasal and long tail keywords.

Thereafter Depending Upon the specific requirement of your business, SEO Package again could be classified to achieve some specific goals like :-

  • SEO for Brand Awareness & Brand building
  • SEO for Lead generation

Last but not least, again the SEO Packages could be classified

according to tasks to be performed in SEO and hence are:-

On Page SEO

Optimizing Website, Inserting Keywords, Writing SEO Friendly content from the Perspective of User, Goal and SEO guidelines etc.

Off Page SEO

Increasing PageRank of Your Webpages. It generally includes making Backlinks, increasing page authority and domain authority etc.

Technical SEO

optimizing website for technical aspects like Improving Pagespeed etc.

Finally you can have a Package depending upon

the specific work which your website may need like:-

  • Making Backlinks
  • Writing SEO friendly Content
  • Improving Page speed
  • SEO Audit
  • Removing Irrelvant links


There are plethora of other customize packages available which completely depends upon the client. But Most of common packs are already discussed. You can give a phone call to us on +91 75085-08776 to discuss the suitable package for your business as per your business requirement.



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