Brand Bless

What is SEO?

SEO, short for search engine optimization, is a set of processes used to ensure your site gains. The trust of search engines ranks high in the SERP for your chosen keywords and gets free targeted traffic from the search engines. Search engines like Google use algorithms that consider hundreds of diverse ranking factors to determine whether a particular page is relevant for the search query and, if it’s relevant, where it would rank in the service. Websites can climb the rankings for their targeted keywords and get free targeted traffic from Google’s organic listings.


SEO is about communicating information to search engines and users. It ensures search engines can find the website, index and rank relevant content, and also users can understand the message. Let’s say you are a realtor in Ludhiana. Suppose your Web site can rank at the top of Google for real estate keywords. In Ludhiana, then you will have a steady stream of prospects looking to buy or sell properties in Ludhiana without you having to lift a finger. I see a company like brandbless which is a SEO company in ludhiana can do that for you, or you can do it yourself if you learn SEO and apply it to rank your Web site. But unless your Web site is well optimized, it will not rank anywhere in Google.


 Now, I’m not saying it’s easy or simple to rank for real estate by your keywords in a market like ludhiana. Something like that will be insanely hard and will take a significant amount of time and effort. But learning search engine optimization can give you a roadmap of what might need to be done without a sound understanding of search engine optimization. Something like that will not even be a remote possibility.

What is Technical SEO?

For a Web site to appear in Google search results, it first needs to be called by a spider or Google. But if the spider cannot crawl your page or if it’s unable to read it, your page will not appear inthe search results. So the very first type of search engine optimization is to make sure Google Spiders can access and read your work sites pages and index all the pages you want to rank in the service.


You would also want to ensure that the pages you do not want to appear in the search results, like pages with download links to your products, do not get called, are indexed by the spiders.


 This part of SEO is technical SEO and a developer and a digital marketing company both can help you in it. It’s mainly about gullibility. It’s about ensuring spiders can crawl all of the pages you want in the search results and keeping the

spiders away from pages. You do not want it in the search results.


Many things can prevent spiders from either crawling or reading your Web site’s pages. And many of them are very easily overlooked in this course. It discusses all of the things that can prevent spiders from accessing and indexing your site’s pages, plus all of the other stuff that goes into building a technically good Web site that can rank high in the SERPs.